Maintain Equipment Lineage

Assets will be assigned a unique Equipment Identification Code, which will maintain the integrity of transactions for each asset, regardless of the number of different reporting marks it has been assigned throughout its life. Associated tables will contain specifics such as lessee information, contract identification number, terms of agreement, lessee maintenance responsibilities, and applicable start/end dates for each. This information will be used as the input stream for all lease management tasks and will be Internet enabled.  Updates will be managed through the coordinated efforts of the car owner and RAS.  This system will provide the ability to manage each lease agreement and lessee profile and will:

  • Identify contractual lessee maintenance charges
  • Identify contractual lessee excess mileage charges
  • Calculate stipulated loss values for destroyed cars
  • Analyze expenses per lease to determine profitability
  • Segregate regular maintenance charges from program repair and capital charges

Utilizing a state of the art Internet enabled system which compares contract language to individual repair charges, 100% of all lessee maintenance responsibility charges are accurately identified.  RAS can provide this information to the car owner for rebilling, or render invoices directly to the lessees.