Mileage Collection and Accounting

Mileage records as reported by railroads for the movement of each car managed by RAS will be obtained through the Railinc Car Hire Data Exchange (CHDX) System.  Capturing the mileage records will allow RAS to perform a reconciliation of reported mileage and car hire earnings credits versus amounts actually paid by the railroads.  RAS will maintain a detailed historical database of mileage records for the life of each railcar.

Reporting by car, equipment type, and state will be provided to support regulatory initiatives as well as internal/external analyses.  Data resident in the system will be utilized in the verification of mileage reported by each railroad to the various entities that require Ad Valorem tax returns. The data may also be utilized to evaluate life cycles of individual components which will help to determine the timing and need of preventive maintenance programs.

Additionally, mileage records can be used to calculate contractual excess mileage penalties which usually occur over a stated mileage limit.

Equalization penalties could apply if empty movement of certain railcars exceeds loaded miles by 106%. Upon receipt of such a penalty, RAS can verify the loaded versus empty miles for the fleet.