Accounting Reports

The common thread of all RAS reporting is the principle of “Management by Exception.”  By minimizing the volume of paper and efficiently summarizing information, these clear and concise reports allow the user to quickly identify abnormalities in the process.  In many cases, standard reports are used as the basis for further ad hoc reporting to zero in on the specifics of problem areas.  Reports of any kind can be custom designed to meet each car owner’s particular needs, and may be generated for a variety of time frames.  Examples of these reports are:

  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Reconciliation of Charges By Assignment
  • Mileage Allocation By Road
  • Mileage History By Car
  • Component Defect Analysis
  • Wheel Replacement Analysis
  • Railroad Trend Analysis

The car owner may also request ad hoc reports.  Such requests normally can be processed within one business day.