An internet based application jointly accessible by RAS, the car owner and contract shop personnel. The system provides the means to post estimates for cars that have been directed to shops for repairs. Supporting documentation such as photographs and joint inspection certificates may be attached to the estimates as well.  RAS will approve, reject and/or comment on estimates through the system. Shop personnel will have access credentials to respond to comments and adjust estimates.  Once an estimate is approved, the shop may submit a final invoice and supporting data through the same method.  During the entire shopping, critical dates will be recorded as the car moves through the logical sequence of events leading up to the release of the repaired car.  This will permit all shops performance to be measured in terms of turnaround time and compared with other shops if desired.  Exception reporting will also be available to identify cars lagging in a specific status for an excessive period of time.  Currently, there are over four hundred shops in North America that utilize the repairSMART application.